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Bamboo toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrush Eco Friendly (16)

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Toothbrush squeezer

Eco friendly toothbrush squeezer

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Wood grain iphone case

Wooden IPhone Case eco friendly

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Japanese ceramic mug

Japanese ceramic mug

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Handmade straw leather bag

Handmade straw leather bag

Who said that being Eco Responsible is not fashion,
This handmade straw bag is approved by the environment

Eco insulated lunch bag

Insulated Lunch Bag

Keep your lunch, snack or drink fresh all day long, with this design bag, no more plastic or ugly Tupperware that leaks.

Refillable coffee capsules

Refillable Stainless-Steel-Reusable-Capsule-Permanent-Coffee-Pod-Holder-Compatible-For-Nespresso-Original-Line

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Japanese wooden cup

Japanese wood cup

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Eco reusable fruit bag

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Eco Friendly water bottle

Eco Friendly Plastic Bottles

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Go green with eco green boutique

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, eco friendly products

If you are aware that the solution to the planet’s health is in our hands, you are now looking for alternatives that, from everyday life, reduce the negative impact on the environment. Small actions and changes in your consumption habits can make a difference and generate great results in the medium or short term.

Simple small daily decisions can make a big difference:

If you want to add products made with natural and recyclable resources into your daily life, you can start by checking out some of the products we have at Eco Green Boutique. We want to help you be more responsible and limit your print on the planet, reduce waste and pollution by using natural products.

Reusable shopping bag eco friendly product

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